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What customers are saying
ORC was ontime and very efficient! We had a fire emergency, and really appreciate their immedicate turn around time. I cannot recommand them enough!

~ Sarah, Mesa AZ

Complete Service
OFFICIAL RESTORATION COMPANY provides you with A-Z service. Wheter you are in need of flood and water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage restoration, mold remeditation or simply a general contractor we deliver.

Service Area
OFFICIAL RESTORATION COMPANY not only services Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Tempe, Mesa and the Greater Phoenix Metro Area but the State of Arizona as a whole.

Friendly Customer Service
When you have a service emergency in your home, after panicking, you call around frantically looking for help. Rest assured when you call Official Restoration Services, there is an empathizing voice on the other end of the line who will calm your nerves and solve your problems. Official Restoration Services’ customer Service Representatives know how you feel and want to make your life easier.

Fastest Service
If speed is the most important issue in getting your service needs cared for, join the thousands of customers who have experienced the areas fastest response time.

Clean Service
Remember how your old service provider would get dirt on your carpeting, leave behind his mess and even scratch and dent your finish Official Restoration Services’ service technicians are all supplied with shoe covers, floor mats, and the cleaning supplies necessary to make the promise to you to leave the areas they work in as clean as or cleaner than they were before we arrived.

It can be a scary thought to let just any stranger in your home. Official Restoration Services well-groomed service technicians are equipped with full uniforms including identification badges company logos and of course, the U.S. flag. Our trucks are clearly visible with identification as well.

Official Restoration Services’ technicians are all careful while working in your home, however, accidents do happen on rare occasions, but rest assured because we carry insurance and any unforeseen incidents are covered by us.

Moving Warehouse
Official Restoration Services’ service vehicles are stocked like a moving warehouse, carrying thousands of parts and tools enabling the service technicians to do over 95% of all repairs without having to chase down material or tools. Because of this, we are able to service you faster causing less distraction to your day.

Believe it or not, not all service companies have the proper licenses to work in the cities they service. With Official Restoration Services you can rest assured that the company, as well as each service technician carries the proper licenses for all work Official Restoration Services performs in every city we service.

24 Hour Service
Your mechanical system has no concept of time. It can break down at 12 noon or midnight. Weather you have warranty repairs or casual failure, Official Restoration Services has service technicians available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Phones Answered Live
No one likes dealing with answering machines or playing phone tag. Official Restoration Services has a person answering the phones at all hours of the day and night, so you don’t have to wait.

Extended Warranties
Official Restoration Services stands behind our work with ironclad guarantees that extend far beyond the industry average.

Up Front Pricing
With Official Restoration Services, you will always know the price for your service before any work is done. There are never any hidden charges.

Same Day Service
In most situations, a service technician can be to your home within an hour of the time you call for service.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
If a customer is unsatisfied with our service for any reason at all, we will redo the work at their convenience for free.

Clean Home Guarantee
We promise to leave the areas of your home where we work as clean as or cleaner than they were before we arrived.

Minimized Inconveniences
We know that you are busy and have other things to worry about instead of your service repair problems. Official Restoration Services has various times that are guaranteed arrival for your convenience. If you need us to call you at work or somewhere else when we are on our way there, we would be happy to.

Employment Screening
All employees of Official Restoration Services are screened through background checks and drug testing to assure you and your home are safe.

Over 30 years of experience in the service industry

Outlasting the Competition
Because of our level of service, we have outlived the average service company by 5 times the life expectancy.

Product Performance
Keeping consistent with Official Restoration Services’ level of service provided, all materials installed by our technicians are of the best quality and worthy of our satisfaction guarantee.

Consumer confidence
Most of Official Restoration Services’ service work comes from repeat business and referrals.